Eddie Sutton: the man, the myth, the documentary

Eddie Sutton Documentary Film

Reviewing 1577 Productions’ upcoming Eddie Sutton documentary.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the upcoming “Eddie” documentary, stop what you’re doing and watch it now.

That gave me chills man. I didn’t expect that. The world needs a quality Eddie Sutton documentary.


Unless you had the pleasure of being present at a home game during Eddie Sutton’s tenure at OSU, you simply cannot fathom the aura of immortality surrounding this man.

A hero. Living legend. A universally beloved celebrity of the tallest order; Coach Sutton owns a permanently reserved placeholder in the hearts of OSU fans like few others, past or present.

During his 17-year run as the Cowboys head coach, Sutton took his team to 13 NCAA tournament appearances and two Final Fours. His 806 wins ranks eighth all-time in college basketball history.

Eddie Sutton Documentary

When Eddie was in charge, OSU basketball was about much more than just basketball. It was the lifeblood of OSU. On game day, it was 13,000 complete strangers who instantly felt like family the minute they walked through the gates of Gallagher Iba Arena. Everyone felt it, and everyone knew who was responsible.

To those who bleed Orange, Eddie Sutton felt like our guy. We wouldn’t have traded him for Coach K. or Tom Izzo or Rick Pitino. They weren’t Eddie Sutton. We wanted Eddie Sutton. Nobody Else.

His sudden departure in 2006 was tragic. Not only because of the surrounding circumstances (arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol), but because it meant the end of something that had meant so much to so many, for so many years.

Big Country, Randy Rutherford, Brooks Thompson, Mo Baker, Desmond Mason, Tony Allen, Victor Williams…it wasn’t supposed to be over yet.

But it was over; and deep down, everybody knew this was going to be the end of Oklahoma State basketball for a while. Nobody knew it was going to be Sean Sutton/Travis Ford bad for a decade…but we knew Eddie was gone, and he wasn’t coming back.

To be gone is one thing – to be forgotten, is something quite different…and Eddie will never be forgotten. OSU’s basketball court was officially renamed Eddie Sutton Court in 2005, permanently stamping his name squarely in the sights of OSU fans for generations to come.

His former players and assistant coaches sing his praises on a level bordering that of a father figure. Even Kelvin Sampson, longtime rival and former head basketball coach at the University of Oklahoma, publicly shared his respect for Sutton in 2006, saying, “I never coached against a better coach than Eddie Sutton.”

Doug Gottlieb, former point guard under Sutton, wrote a public letter to the Basketball Hall of Fame, pleading for Eddie Sutton’s induction. Among other things, Gottlieb said,

“I ask you this in the name of good basketball and a good man who taught me and my teammates so much. Please put Eddie Sutton in your illustrious Hall of Fame, because he deserves it.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The “Eddie” documentary is being produced by award-winning filmmaker and Oklahoma State University Alumnus Christopher Hunt. Hunt and his partner David Tester specialize in creating profound documentaries that strike an emotional cord with viewers by reaching into the depths of humanity. They have spent several years and hundreds of hours meticulously crafting the most factually sound unparalleled truth of Sutton’s lifelong journey, and it looks incredible.

According to STATE magazine, legendary figures the likes of Tony Allen, Larry Reece, Berry Tramel and Sidney Moncrief represent a small but impressive sample of the 35-40 interviews expected to make the film’s final cut, planned for an early 2018 release.

Hunt’s track record suggests the film carries potential for significant national appeal, and in all likelihood, will go down as a behemoth blockbuster in the eyes of O-State fans.

This documentary has ESPN 30 for 30 written all over it.

Expectations for the film are undoubtedly high, and if the trailer is any indication, these filmmakers are prepared to deliver.

And Cowboy fans are chomping at the bit to see more. 

After all, OSU fans agree on lots of things. Stillwater has the nation’s best homecoming. Orange is the only option on game day. Eskimo Joe’s is the best college bar on the planet.

But perhaps no opinion is more universally accepted throughout the Cowboy faithful than….

“Eddie Sutton is a Hall of Famer.”

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