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HOBH Sports is the brand spankin’ new sports blog of Adam Arms.

HOBHSports.com (HOBH) officially launched in September, 2017, proudly in conjunction with our exclusive announcement of Curtis Lofton’s retirement from the National Football League (NFL), which can be read here.

HOBH was painstakingly built from the ground up with ease of use, access, and navigation in mind.

HOBH exists to provide free, public, original sports content and analysis for every sports fan — with a focus on the data others miss.

HOBH has no allegiances, affiliations, or any relationship with mainstream sports media, leagues, universities, or individual athletes.

If you have any difficulties with the site or just want to ask a specific question, please use the Search function located at the bottom of every page of this site, or simply navigate to the Contact Us page.

We are actively working on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to help with our readers’ most common problems on the site. If your question cannot be resolved by reviewing the FAQ, once more, please see our Contact page.

We thank you for checking us out; we hope to become your source for original sports content.

Please enjoy.

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